Music Way + Music Way Latino • TEAM Sign-up


We are about to get started with the 2015 Music Festival Season and events in Austin and Surrounding areas and we need extra help with production, promotion, marketing and beyond.

We start getting busy during SXSW and this is the time when we need to add members to our Team for the entire Season ending Dec 25 2015. Many positions are open, from Stage Production to Street Team Captain, Freelance writers to Videographers and Talent.

All you have to do is send your info and why you would like to be part of Music Way

Don’t take it personal if we don’t reach out to you right away, we have limited positions to fill , but keep in mind that we do keep your information for future openings and we can get in touch with you anytime as positions open depending the event and client.

Some are paid positions (Hourly rate / Set Fee) while others are “Volunteer work” meaning you will get compensated with passes, swag, food, etc.

Requirements (Kinda)

Bilingual a plus but not a requirement (Any language except Ubuntu)
Must like Music (This is a MUST)
Love Austin (DO we really need to explain this?)
NO suit and tie or dress shoes accepted (This goes for guys only)
Ladies can wear whatever you feel like except sun glasses and black lipstick
No pets allowed (Except iguanas with headphones)
Transportation, Smart phone & Non-Smoker

Thank You for your interest on joining our team


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